Visiting The Islands – Your Hawaii Guide

Hawaii used to be an independent kingdom. It was first inhabited by the Polynesians before it was discovered by Captain James Cook. He called it the Sandwich Islands, until it became part of the US territory.


Right now, it is America’s major tourism magnet. The islands are visited by local and international tourists alike, all of them craving for some real island adventure, the American style. Hawaii is composed of several islets and eight major islands. These eight are Hawaii, Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Oahu, Molokai, Niihau, and Kauai.




Hawaii enjoys mild, tropical climate. Mainly because of that, the locals were able to cultivate pineapples, sugar canes, coffee beans, macadamia nuts, and bananas. Flowers and nursery products are quite popular here too. Unlike the rest of the US States, Hawaii doesn’t experience the four seasons. Instead, it only has alternating wet and dry seasons. The wet season is when rainfall is plenty while the dry season is when the sun shines through beautifully.




Like most islands, Hawaii is predominantly a volcanic region. Its highest peak is the Mauna Kea, standing almost 14,000 feet in height. It is also classified as the largest volcano in the world, if measured in terms of volume. The other nature and tourist spots worth visiting out here are the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor, the Iolani Palace, and the Bishop Museum ( Image right Source).


The Beaches


Being an island, Hawaii has too many beautiful beaches to boast about. It’s most popular one is the Waikiki Beach located in Oahu. This is where many tourists go if they want to surf. The other beaches that are worth checking out are:


  • Poipu Beach in Kauai
  • Papohaku Beach on Molokai
  • Polihua Beach in Lanai
  • Kaanapali Beach in Maui
  • Punaluu Beach Park in Kau
  • Ocean Activities


Unlimited beach fun is offered by Hawaii all through the year to its eager visitors. In Kauai, the most preferred water activity is kayaking. Over at Oahu, where the Waikiki Beach is found, surfing is the foremost activity. If you happen to be in Maui, then whale watching is what you must experience. Lanai is where you can enjoy a 4-wheel drive adventure. In Molokai, sport fishing is enjoyed at its best. Over at the Hawaii Island, you do scuba diving and snorkeling. There’s no doubt that the Hawaii islands can give tourists total enjoyment as far as water fun is concerned.


hawaii activities


When to Visit Hawaii


Hawaii welcomes tourists all year round. There’s really no preferred time to visit the islands. However, the summer months, which run from November to April, are usually the best. The temperature is warmer and drier during such time. But the winter season of December to March is just as ideal, even if it is a little bit cold for the beach (Image right Source).


Fun Activities to do in Hawaii

There’s no shortage of things to do in Hawaii. Whether you prefer water activities or outdoor adventures, the island has everything you need right at your disposal. Aside from water fun, biking and hiking are enjoyed here too. There are lots of clubs to experience the island’s night life, as much as there are places where you can learn how to make a lei. The cuisine of Hawaii is very tempting too. And you must not skip getting some sensual spa massage while here. If you happen to be planning the perfect beach wedding, there is no doubt that Hawaii is the most ideal location.


Welcome and enjoy your travel to Hawaii!!