Our Tour Of Kratom Powders

I used to (and still am) to some extent a coffee drinker.

I generally take get take my coffee and add half-and-half, and no sugar or anything else.

Coffee, however, makes me sweat (particularly on my armpits) once I drink past a certain amount. This amount is typically past one cup within the same hours.

On average, before taking kratom, I would drink two cups of coffee: one around 8am and one around 3pm. This is only on weekdays when I work and sometimes I try to eliminate the second cup so that I can go to sleep at night.

The effects can make me more focused, but they don’t necessarily make me more productive.

For example, I can take a cup and I might end up still being distracted on the internet and just read blogs and random Wikipedia pages at blazing speed.

Sometimes get a limbo effect. Let me explain: This usually happens when I drink coffee in the afternoon and I can get an hour or so more of productive juice, but after that, I just don’t feel like doing anything. At this point I’m stuck between two states: productivity and sleepiness. Unfortunately, I can’t commit to one or the other. If I try to do some work, I just can’t fire my brain to get it done. If I lie down, I just lie there with my eyes half open, not even being able to nap.

You can probably guess that I am more sensitive to coffee than others.

I find that not drinking on the weekends or vacations allows my tolerance to not build up.

In conclusion, my experience with coffee is generally positive but there are some downsides as I mentioned above. In all, caffine is not necessarily the most ideal substance that I’m looking for in coffee.

It’s great for waking me up, though.

Me and Kratom

It tastes like tea leaves. For those of you who grew up eating lots of Chinese food with your parents like me, you’ll feel at home here.

I’m more focused and productive. I found this true across different types of strains of different speeds; Even the slow strains can make me more focused and productive. This productivity isn’t plagued by distractions.

I don’t sweat when I burn kratom. Not much to elaborate on, especially if you guys aren’t susceptible, like me, to sweating when drinking coffee.

When I take a high speed strain when I’m tired (not getting enough sleep, like 4 hours or less), I get the limbo state that I get when drinking coffee in the afternoon. This is usually a rare case as I typically get at least 6 hours of good sleep each night.

Eating food and burning kratom reduces all effects of kratom. Better to take it on an empty stomach — at least for me.

The different strains and speeds have different effects. Whereas coffee only has one energy boosting effect based on how much you take.

Slow strains make me think clear and sleep well. Fast strains make me think clear, click and type fast (I do a lot of computer programming) and have great gym workouts. It’s a good variety for a wide range of lifestyle activities.

It makes my stomach have that hungry-but-full feeling. Not sure if you guys have experienced this (without kratom), but its sort of like being in a fasting state, but not craving any food, if I had to put it another way. I don’t particularly like or hate this state, I’m just reporting this effect of kratom on me.

Pros and Cons of Coffee


  • Instant energy; Great boost of energy from nowhere
  • Tastes pretty good (at least I like the taste of coffee)


  • Makes me sweat.
  • Doesn’t always give me a productivity boost.
  • Sometimes prevents me from sleeping.

Pros and Cons of Kratom


  • Can target and achieve a good, deep sleep effect.
  • Can target and achieve a productive, focused, non-distracted work session.
  • Can target and achieve a energetic gym workout.
  • I don’t sweat or really have any other annoying side effects from kratom; obviously person dependent though.


  • Tastes like tea leaves (although this is not really a con for me)
  • Costs a bit more than coffee.

Anyways I’ll edit and update these personal pros and cons and effects as I see fit. Click this link and find out where to buy!