Men, what does your wedding band say about you?

wedding band

A wedding ring is more than merely a ring. It’s not only a symbol of your everlasting bond, but it also is a reflection of your personality! Well, yes – your wedding ring says a lot about you! No wonder they say you got to be very careful and take your time before choosing your wedding rings. Here’s what a couple of wedding ring types say about you. Curious to know? Read on!

The classic gold:
The evergreen, always in vogue – classic gold ring. If you’ve chosen this one as your wedding band, the first quality it reflects about you is that you are traditional and revere customs and traditions. Also, the thicker your gold ring, greater is your pride! The classic gold ring men have pride of their own of varying levels depending on the thickness of their rings. Born leaders, these men are independent and a storehouse of ideas which tends to push them on the stubborn side – why not, when you have a massive treasure of fantastic ideas running in that sharp brain always?

Gold band

White gold:
You’re a creatively inclined person, who loves to strike the right balance between traditions and modernity – this also explains why you chose a white gold ring and not a classic gold ring. Your family is your world – you value your parents and your wife the most. This makes you a stable man, with a strong sense of commitment. Financially well off, you love sports, news and hanging out with friends.

Black wedding bands:
You clearly are a rebel and hate conforming to traditions! The black ring signifies your love for modern, contemporary stuff and this also makes you come out as a cool, modern-age guy who loves out of the box stuff. There is this website on men’s bands that offers all the latest designs in wedding bands.  These men are more vocal – about their opinions, feelings and everything else. Also, they hate pleasing people and do things because they want to do it! Quirky personalities these men are best when left to themselves and given space and time to reveal the wonderful personalities they have!

Titanium ring:
Your unique choice of metal for your wedding band says that you aren’t one to fit into the crowd. An adventure junkie who gets high on that adrenaline rush, you are one of those free, bohemian souls who wouldn’t like to be tied down with a large ring made of typical metals. You want something that goes along with your free bird soul, which is why you chose titanium – it’s durable, scratch free and is the perfect accompaniment for your adventure expeditions!